People from the past
Thursday, October 11, 2007
6:34 PM

I feel like as if I'm back in my DR slbSEMA days, because the people whom I liaise with are people who are good at what they do in the past. Yeap, so it's good. It is a small world, when you can call the other person and find out that you both have worked together in the past. So the good thing about it, at least I know how these ppl work, that at least makes things easier aye? ;)

I miss my man now. Sighs.


Nochnoi Dozor, Dnevnoy Dozor, Sumerechniy Dozor, Posledniy Dozor and Sergey Lukyanenko
Tuesday, September 25, 2007
12:25 PM

A whole strew of russian words just popped out of nowhere, either way, things has been hell, the work, the accident and of course lets not forget about the Nurin Tragedy, sad and this is the time Capital Punishment is mandatory. People like the perp don't repent, they never do. So anyways, the last time I suggested any movies or good reads was probably to Robert, for Boondock Saints. Good indie, albeit crazy ass director, Troy Duffy.

However this time around I'm pushing it around abit, by suggesting this movie to quite a number of people, Nochnoi Dozor, or what is known as Night Watch. A movie based on all time best fantasy and sci fi author Sergey Lukyanenko tetralogy which involves, Nochnoi Dozor, Night Watch, Dnevnoy Dozor, Day Watch, Sumerechniy Dozor, Twilight Watch, and Posledniy Dozor, Final Watch. A bloody mouthful I know, I would love to blog more about all of this when I have time, however, to those whom have watched Night Watch, here's something to relive all the scenes again, before Day Watch, to those whom haven't it wouldn't make much sense, so try to watch Night Watch first, or read the book please. So enjoy!!!


Demonology 101
Thursday, September 06, 2007
3:45 PM

Read it! A creative online graphic novel that has won the Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards for the year 2004 written and drawn by Faith Erin Hicks. Commonly known as D101. Again I would say this, I don't read spandex wearing super heroes comics. So enjoy.

So are demons, and anointed being part of your forte? Then D101 might be your cup of tea.


On the eve of Merdeka
Thursday, August 30, 2007
5:51 PM

Unlike the other weekdays, this week I have decided to go to work via the train or LRT. So today with the rehearsals going on strong, the fighter planes criss crossing the skies, I overhead this,

" MERDEKA, MERDEKA, MERDEKA !!! ", was bellowed from the Dataran. I would like to remind everybody that on that fateful day 50 years ago, the word MERDEKA was bellowed out 7 times and not 3, but that's besides the point.

In the midst of the whole Merdeka shout, I overhead a lil indian girl, whom followed suit of shouting the word "MERDEKA", her parents were smiling and laughing at her. What followed later on, shocked me and the parents to no end, amongst the bellowing and all that jazz from the dataran, of a word I could barely make out myself, but somehow the lil girl shouted "MELAYU!!".

The family were across the street and I was on the other side of the street, we exchanged looks, the parents gave me a look that was hard for me decipher, confused, sad, shocked, I don't know. I just smiled at them and went on my way to work.

So, what is all this about? I tell you what, the country is being ruled by a bunch of hypocritical dogs, corruption, nepotism, wasteful spendings, the so called racial polarisation, the so called Islam Hadhari. I have all these while from the days of my studies in UKM, kept quiet after the incident with Angela and Ezam. I have also been told by my old lecturers to keep my trap shut concerning politics, I have also been told by people who cared for me to not debate nor say anything about the current situation. But I will not do this anymore, I will not keep quiet, I will admit to this, I was at one point like my father from the year 1998 till 2001, a huge supported of Anwar Ibrahim, why the change? Simple, I realised that when a person gets bitten then and then only will he try to fight and implement change.

Having said that however, I am still a big supporter of the opposition, maybe not Anwar per se, I realised being involved in the past, has made me realize a few things, and today, after all these years, this is what I have learnt.

20 odd years ago, a man was able to topple the power then. This man was called, Mahathir Mohamed, whom later on became our fourth PM and now is Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. What he did then was necessary when the rulers, the sultans, were getting too much in their head, with all the extravagances and chaotic management, also lets not forget the killing and beating people, and getting away scot free. What Tun Dr Mahathir did then was a necessary evil, by removing the king’s power to veto legislation, allowing bills before the king to be passed without his consent after a lapse of 30 days. He also curtailed the powers and privileges of the rulers, removed their immunity and set up a special court to try them for civil and criminal offences.

So now, after 20 years, the malaysians are asking for a reform. We want the rulers to be back in power for the people. I will always support people who has the interest of the country and rakyat in their hearts or heads, to speak of politicians. Be it 20 years ago when the royals are running amok, be it now when the government is running amok. The power should always go to the people who are doing things properly. Now the royals seem to have more of balanced head on their shoulders, what with the likes of such Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin of Terengganu, our current Ruler and Raja Nazrin of Perak.

So tomorrow in RPK's own words, for MERDEKA, we will, I hope wear YELLOW, civil disobedience it shall be. Daulat Tuanku! Power to the people!

With that I wish everybody Selamat Hari Merdeka!!!!!!! with that I hope we will go through bigger and better change, for all of us, as Malaysians!!!! Equality for everybody!!!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007
12:02 PM

Wow, it seems like I hit a nerve with somebody out there over my last post. Cool. Bring it on. I couldn't be bothered with anonymous cowards.

Anyways, today's post is about this 20 year old girl who's living with me and my man. Her name's Esther, a cute kitesurfer, who will soon be going to college. Random snippets of what our conversation usually revolves around, or rather random lines from her.

" WIPE OUT, FIZAH FIZAH come 'ere the fella wipe out wei, damn syiok wei ", calling out from her room when she was watching one of the skimboarding clips.

" Rot to to to to, it's in the blood i tell you, from daddy ", in her most keling indian accent pointing towards my man.

In case you're wondering, my man has taken on the role of being her daddy, and he's awfully paternal too.

" Wanking, wanking, wanker, wank, wank ..........." Bryan said on the way back from Magnificent Fish and Chips.

" What's wanking? " Esther asked

" Youtube for it ", me, my man and Bryan answered.

No kidding, she doesn't know what's wanking. And another incident in my office when she came over.

" Wong, you know now they're no longer called CIG IT, now it's CL IT ", I hinted

" Yeah and? ", Wong still not getting it.

" Dude, CL IT, C L I T, am I the only only thinking that it's funny ", my man said.

" HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAH, bloody hell that's funny ", wong said upon which he went to tell the other director.

" Hoi!! Very sensitive wei ", the other director said while laughing.

" Tomorrow meeting with the clitters ", I said.

" What's CL IT, clit? What's clit? ", Esther asked.

There you go peeps, my ever so endearing 'daughter'. Believe me there's more where that came from. Sighs, it'll be awfully quiet once she starts going to college.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007
12:32 PM

I used to know this person, if I am known as very hard, harsh, crude and disrespectful to others, well apparently you haven't met this person yet. And that's to put it lightly.

This person is what a friend of mine term " hard to live with, too much coughing up lame excuses about everything and blaming it on the upbringing ".

Personally I chalk it up to cowardice to come forth and do new things. Not saying that I didn't at one point of my life blame everything on my upbringing, maybe that's why I can empathize the blaming but after all these years, please, just put a stop to it.

What surprise me is this person doesn't feel tired and fed up of all of these, geez, too much time I reckon. Wish I have that. To sleep though.

Instead of being bitchy, just leave, don't have to fucking scream about it to everyone and everything.

Life is dramatic enough, let other people chill and relax to themselves. Focus on something, career, sex whatever it takes. Idle minds are dangerous, especially those of which has work or responsibilities and yet shirk it off.

Think about the things that others have accomplished, worse case scenario, think about what I have accomplished, and ponder over it for awhile?

Got the answer? What has been accomplished? Studies? Bah! I was never a good student, but have accomplished more it seems. What will others remember this person for? A couple of friends said,

" How bitchy and perasan this person is "

" Drama, epitomize drama "

" As the person who's actually very very unattractive and yet thinks otherwise "

" Sad beyond words "

So go travel! Work in marine conservation projects (oppss, NO, better not, I'd rather not have drama), do something instead of bitching about others, and relationships. It gets real passe.

Two words hun', GROW UP!


Penang ( 070707 )
Friday, July 20, 2007
3:20 PM

It's a bit too late, but what the heck right. So anyways, a friend of mine gotten married on the 7th of july, it was a beach side wedding. What do you expect from a surfer lah. Anyways, penang was nice, we get to meet up with some friends, great food, and it was such a break for me and mah man.

James, me, Raymond ( the groom ) and Sam

Of course there's a picture of all of us surfers and our partners.

To lazy to label everyone, but in case you're wondering about my dress, it's one of my friend's designs. And we will be marketing it soon. So the question is who's my man now, and whatever else lah. Here's a close up.

Yeah, he's indian/portugese, I know I know, I am the most bigoted racist there is around, but now I'm eating my own words aren't I? The most important thing however is that we are happy, it's ridiculous how happy we are. He is 3 years younger than me, but he's funny as hell, and a total metal head ( I mean along the lines of Nightwish, Dream theatre and what nots lah ). He's on par with me too, to those who knows me would understand this. I think he's cute. *giggles.

The trip to Penang was good.


The view from balcony of our hotel room

My man, me and Saw Ee

I really have no idea on how to blog about happenings and events nowadays. I think it comes down to laziness.